Worship with Joy: Should We Keep Up

Playing music since childhood I remember the first time I grabbed a pair of drum sticks and worked hard putting effort to become a drum musician. Looking through all these tapes and cassettes, I would play along-side them and be so very passionate about it. Not only was my mind set to play well but at the same time use it to worship. And I’ve acknowledged that God and music go hand and hand. How powerful it becomes and influential to people it gets. When we put our passion when we play music, it becomes more than just music. It becomes into a sensation people feel, stress is relieved, depression is no more, and we keep our focus onto God. Even with a single instrument when half the worship team may have missed that day of service, it can be tough, but I’ve seen how powerful that one instrument can get. However, some churches I’ve witnessed the way they worship is strict-ed. Why is that?

Visiting a pastor in Ohio, he invited me to his church on a Sunday. Coming early in, I’ve got the chance to meet their congregation and musicians. When church started I felt surprised. Their way of worshiping is through old hymns and not new contemporary music that attract youth and people all together. I asked why wouldn’t he have their worship team play new contemporary music, since there’s so many great songs out there. He answered it’s the way they play and best to worship God. They’re used to it and they rather not change the lifestyle their used to. But, of course we all eventually come to a change, not only for the youth, but also for new people that want to experience a different way to worship God.

I asked several musicians as well and they responded the same. Even though they were playing these hymns, it’d be much better if they put much effort into it. When they were worshipping, most looked like they were bored, not interested, lets see what time we get out of here, and with that way of attitude it not only affects them but the crowd as well. They won’t have a feel for the music and it’s all going to seem very boring. I know not every church enjoys screaming and shouting moving all over, but we have to recognize that when we play music, it’s a great deal in how we get our congregation motivated and starving for more. It’s what nourishes the mind if you can put it that way.

After witnessing their methods of worshipping music, I’m not against their ways, but I just wonder why won’t they change the way they play? Spectating many young people there, it’d be much better playing music that these young people are attracted to. Are they well informed about the music? Any knowledge in where they can start?

After I came back home from my trip to Ohio, I emailed their pastor some songs that would be pretty simple to learn yet have great tune to it. I wanted to get him up to date with the music.

So have you ever been part of a worship team that is strict in their music or have you been in that congregation? Knowing that perhaps you’d know a great deal of music to worship to, do you think not changing the way we worship would affect the youth ministry? Any experiences being part of it?

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