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Opening Up: Churches Welcoming All

Over past years of visiting churches, I’ve witness different type of cultures many have. One thing most have in common is that we all have open arms to people who want to accept God into their lives. However, many can be judgmental towards these newcomers and not take notice that they may be offending him or her. We all have to show them that they chose the right thing to have God into their lives, and they are welcomed to participate in church activities as they keep attending. We have to keep growing them so they can be educated and at the same time improve themselves within. When we grow our members, we become a strong bond under God that the you can see how great and enthusiastic the culture is.

Waking up early on a Sunday morning, the radio being turned on, a preacher is preaching. He’s discussing what is proper and what is not. Arguing the fact that you should repent if you’re not doing the right thing. That things like not having desire to attend church is an act of the devil and you are a ridiculous sinner. I come to thought of why are we so judgmental towards one another? We all attend church, shouldn’t they be proud we already go to church? Judging that when we get to church and not praise Him a certain way is not acceptable, I don’t agree. When we come to church and worship, people have different ways how they worship Him. We don’t come to church to be judged, if we want to be judged go outside of church. We come inside to take all the weight off our backs, be influenced and motivated, making sure that we believe the rest of the week will be a blessed and prosperous week. They want to be around people who will care for them and guide them in life.

What I’ve seen is that when a newcomer is attending, most members don’t greet them right away. They have the leader mention them, and that’s where everyone will stand up to do so. I think they should’ve been greeted and welcomed the first time he stepped foot in the church. It’s a odd feeling coming into a church, everyone staring at you as you make your way to getting seated. It’s a matter of comforting them as they enter the building we are all part of God’s children. Guidance should be the first step. What do they know about God so far? Are they informed with the teachings of the bible? We must find what weak strengths they have and improve them so they can keep fulfilling themselves with God at the same time they can improve those around them as well. It’s a big discussion about how we approach newcomers. I believe most of them are sensitive, and like a new born baby, they will capture anything from the start. How can we improve our new members without offending them or making it seem as if we are being hard on them? How quick should they join in on our activities? We have to remember that these newcomers are coming with the mentality of the outside world, teaching them more about the word of God will improve the way they think.