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Act of Acquiring Skills

A great quote that I’ve read earlier this week stated that the greatest ingredient of mastering a skill is time. And this is true to what new things we want to gain. However, with the few people I’ve spoken to, many came that they don’t have the time to do a certain thing because they have a job, kids, and all these other excuses. But I believe in reality, we all can find that time to focus on something.

What’s so true is that if we have time to sleep, to eat, to be on the phone and surf the net, then we have the time to focus on a skill we want to acquire. What I mean by this is that we should tend to get up a little early or go to bed a little late just to make time for that skill or project we want to get.

Someone recently asked me about ways they could improve with their skills in music. I answered them with just by listening to music, getting a better understanding of the rhythm, and practicing on a drum pad that will be of good use. I additionally told him that when he comes home from work he can get out the practice pad and just practice away. But his response was: I don’t have the time.

I explained to him that he does have the time, it’s just he doesn’t know how to use it properly. If the only time he practices is when the whole group reunites, then there’s a major problem. Why? Because reason being is that he’s not making a major contribution within himself.

The time when we make the most of our skills is when we are on our own. You will be stuck and will find it difficult and uncomfortable when everyone passes you by because they’ve all made a contribution within themselves. And the results will be holding everyone back when it comes time to perform.

He quickly understood and took hold of the concept. If they don’t have that much time of their own to make, make it happen!

On a weekend for example, out of work coming home and the wife says we’re going to a family picnic. I’m sure he can find ten minutes of that time to practice on his own. It’s by applying at least just a small portion of his time to focus on something. In the end, that small portion he did will turn out to be a big result. The 80/20 role correct?

When we’re really into gaining something within ourselves, making time for it doesn’t become a problem. It’s a matter of motivation and discipline I think. If they can’t find the time, then I think it’s because they really don’t want to acquire something new. Not only will they hold back or hurt those around them, but will also most definitely hold themselves back.

As I come to conclude, how do you use your time to focus on a skill you want to acquire? Have your results been successful? And how did you overcome the obstacle of patiences, for those who aren’t patient? Time is very important and we have to understand that the more time we give to something the more likely the great results will be.

Difficulty of Giving

Has anyone had a hard time giving? Giving as in giving your time and effort? Giving your earnings? Giving all that to an individual or organization? The problem that exist with me when I give is that my mind makes it difficult that when I give I won’t receive anything in return. But isn’t that the law of sowing and reaping? When we give we will receive something greater in return.

You may ask well what makes your mind so influenced by not wanting to give? There are some factors to say but I’ve always had in mind that keeping your earnings, you build yourself more. Why should I give a person a particular set of cash flow when they aren’t going to invest it well within themselves? Another reason is those around me.

“The way you shape your life determines who you revolve your life around with.” That’s a famous quote I read and it’s true. Most of the people I revolve myself with are completely greedy. Knowing they have a great set of assets, they will not use it only to the minimal use as possible. This subject is very strong and I’m looking forward talking more about it in the near future. But, as I’m reflecting on giving, I had to change.

One of the ways I had to change is firstly change my attitude towards it. I had to put my mind in a positive mood and adapt to it because if we’re giving with the wrong attitude, we’re not sowing properly. To sow means to plant and expect a positive outcome. If we’re giving out of anger that trait carries that attitude and others will notice resulting perhaps in a negative outcome. Secondly what I had to do was inspire myself to keep giving. Listening to many audio of speakers with great success, they all said in order to succeed in life, one of the keys for it is to give back. Either giving it to charities or church, give to a place that may use it for great benefits.

It’s such an improvement I had, and giving hasn’t been a hard issue with me. The thought of putting the time or money on someone, and they result using it for bad use isn’t nothing to worry. I know perhaps no one may see it but when ever I have those assets to give, I truly give it with a great positive feeling.

Take the time to give. There are people I know that don’t take advantage of giving, and are too insecure about it. Gather your thoughts and find ways to give either by giving the time to coach someone about life, business or give funds putting in my that those funds will grow into a bigger outcome.