What is it: Stuck starting a business

Throughout the day I go through podcast listening to speakers of great knowledge in the business and financial field, giving words of wisdom and what is needed to do to succeed in growing your business. So I ask? What is needed to start a business and why does it seem to take so long?

I always have that mentality of starting a business, but one of the reasons I feel that I can’t is because of fear. This state of mind which corrupts my entire body and mind from starting. I can’t go anywhere without putting aside fear and start bringing in that confidence I have. The thought of already starting a business, but soon after; the fear of my services not going anywhere or not having the interest from the public. Being Christian, I believe daily prayers to set aside the spirit of fear will make me feel better about myself not only knowing that fear is out of my mind, but that I get closer with God each and everyday.

So although this fear of starting a business may come and go. What is needed to start a business? One thing is ideas.

I’ve struggled so much with this because there’s so many ideas I have in my mind, I don’t know how I could put it in real life to better serve people. It’s such a task, sitting down at your local Barnes and Noble, sipping on some Starbucks coffee, and just think. What can I sell? What can I do to better serve the public and make their lives much better? How can I help them feel better about themselves? How can I make life much easier for them? Thinking about these ideas can be frustrating at times, because some days I’ll have great ideas; while other days I’ll have stupid to no ideas.

Just a thought I wanted to share with everyone. Of course I will be writing more, and hope responses come that will not only help me, but everyone else with the same thoughts and struggles to better improve themselves.

2 responses to “What is it: Stuck starting a business

  1. Totally agree with you, although I’ll have an idea in my head that I start to lose confidence in overtime. I go from, hey that can work!, to here are the million and one reasons why they won’t.

    • Thank you for your comment and yes I agree. Maybe you should try to write them down. Any idea is better than no idea, and after writing it down there will always be tweaks of improvements you can add when you look back at it afterwards.

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