Sticking Together: Ways to Bond

In business or in an organization we must all have great connection with one another, without it, a leader or employer creates a setting in which it becomes dark, not trustworthy and team members not communicating effectively with one another. We have to get on a more personal level with them. I would like to share with you seven keys that can help build this long lasting relationship between you and your team. I will explain the first four today, and the last keys for Thursday.

  • Knowing yourself: Take a minute to sit back and reflect on yourself. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What’s needed to be improved? Something I would recommend is to talk with your team one on one, and let them give you feedback on what they think they see in you is needed to be improved upon. Most employers/leaders I’ve seen have refused this. They won’t mention nor perhaps will they ever. Because of the title they hold, it signifies they know what they’re doing and every aspect of themselves is perfect. I disagree, if we get to know ourselves on a more better standard we can easily connect with other members. Thus creating a bond to an extent.
  • Communicate with Openness: I believe we have to be open and sincere at the way we speak with others. If there’s a project going on and you feel a disagreement of some sort, it’s best to say it because in the end the results could’ve turned out better, and due to not being open about it, you’ve decided to stick back. We also have to be sincere and not so shallow.
  • Share your Vision: Your team has to have the same understanding of what your vision is. Where are they going with this? Are they getting anywhere? When we stick to vision, goals are achieved quicker and our team becomes stronger connecting with one another.
  • Get on their Level: When you communicate with them, communicate in terms that they can understand clearly. For example, lets say the way we communicate on a one through ten scale is an eight. Their number would be a five, so we’d have to lower ourselves that same number so they can have a clear thorough understanding of what is trying to be said. If we communicate with them on terms that we’re still at an eight, they become lost and tasks become relatively complicated. I believe also that we have to get on a level that is more deeper to them. Interests they do is an excellent example. If you tell them if they’ve seen the new gear exclusively for hunting that just been released, some if not most wouldn’t know squat. They would just ride along the train and pretend they know what you’re talking about, waiting when you’re about to leave so they can carry on. Instead how about a football game. Talk about how bad the game was yesterday allows them to fully engage you on their terms and at the same time it creates a great bond.

Take a look back and apply it to yourself. Do you have a great bond with your team-members? Do you see someone else that may need improvement to bond with their team? The team may be bonded together, but may not so much with you. How can you tell? Hope these first four keys help if you are struggling to bond with people in your setting or are seeing someone else in this situation.

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