Sticking Together: Ways to Bond (cont.)

As we have learned in the previous post about the ways to have a better bond with your team-members. Today lets finish up on the last three keys of these seven key series I wanted to share with you.

  • Focus on Them: It’s important that you focus on them and not most of the time on yourself. As part of being a good leader, you want your team to be the best they can and you must pull your attention to them guiding them in the correct direction. When you focus on them, you are growing and becoming better together.
  • Believe: You must believe in them that any project or goals can get accomplished. When you believe in them they become motivated and influence in getting things done. Not only does the business improve but the culture as well. The atmosphere is better and everyone is staying positive.
  • Offer Direction: I believe this is one of the strong keys to having greater bond with your team. When you guide them on the correct path, you are building their trust in you and confidently in the end, they will also guide someone else. There can always be bumps and bruises, but the outcome of guiding someone is always remarkable. When spectating a father guiding his son for the first time to ride a bike, you see how the father feels proud and overjoyed. That’s the same feeling we have when we guide, with that little bit of direction we have drawn them the map of where to go.

That wraps up the seven keys of what I believe are vital to helping create a better bond with you and your team.

  • Knowing Yourself
  • Communicating with Openness
  • Sharing your Vision
  • Getting on their Level
  • Focusing on Them
  • Believing
  • Offering Direction

In what ways have any of these keys helped? Are there examples you know of that the outcome was great? Have in thought to remember to apply these when you’re in need of creating a better culture and make it part of your strategies of business making decisions. I hope to see improvement in your business or organization if it’s slacking in making great connections within one another.

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