Pre-Plan: Mission Statement

During this pre-planning phase I understand building a great business plan and mission statement is important. How do we set this?  How long should mission statements be? I understand that two keys should be included in the mission statement and that is what are my skills/abilities, and lastly, what do I value.

Recently not so long ago I stepped into a local mechanic shop for a minor maintenance and this shop is very small. As you step in you’re in the front office, and as you see behind the front desk person is a door that leads directly into the work area. So as I setted up everything with the person taking my information I took a look at their small laminated paper that is their vision statement located on the far right corner of the office. It stated “To be the best of the best.”

So what’s wrong with this? I think it’s a little too broad. Best of the best in what and where and even in how? I commented on that and he told me that it was part of their goal. A goal? Maybe it’d be more helpful if we can narrow it down a bit and specifically state how they’re gonna get there. I gave him some helpful insights: Lets start out firstly being the best within these few blocks or this street. Once you become a great recommended shop from the area, it’s now a great time to start putting goals on becoming the best in town. From being the best in town, now we can focus on becoming best in state. Being best in state to best in country. Sounds like a hard way correct? I know it can be accomplished if we stay motivated to it. That’s also what mission statements are; to look back and help us stay motivated and on task. When we are lost and overwhelmed on what we were suppose to be doing in the first place, we should look back at our mission statement because that’s what we do. Nothing more, nothing less. Next I think it should include what skills I bring into my services. What do I have to offer that customers will feel satisfied. Skills that aren’t part of the service shouldn’t be mentioned.

Getting back to what was first mentioned, what do you guys include in your vision statements? How long do you think it should be and should we put a lot of time into it? Are you motivated time to time looking back at it?

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