Don’t Break It: Keeping Success Growing

“It’s easy to give up and fail than to continue growing forward.”

I don’t know if there’s a quote like that where I’ve read, but this morning it just came to mind. Going through Facebook looking at the great friends and people I’ve met through the years they all have one thing in common, they’ve continued to grow and carry on with themselves. I see they’re doing so well, some are starting to have a family, others joining the army preparing to be deployed. It brings a smile on my face knowing the people I grew up with are continuing their success. As for me, something I focus myself in is to keep growing through this embarkment which I choose to take.

Visiting my family in Boston last year for Christmas, many of them I had the chance to meet for the first time since more than 8 years; it’s been a while. Having the chance to catch up on things, most already had kids. One had a new born while the other had three kids already, I’m glad to see that they’re doing well and being safe. One of my cousins’ asks “So how come you don’t have any kids?” I have a slight pause and answer her that I feel that I’m still too young to have kids at my age, although there may be some people that think the age of 23 is appropriate to have kids.  It felt as if I was left out because everyone was growing families and I was seen as the selfish one. Thing is I can choose to have kids grow a family and carry on with my life, but what I have focused in mind is too big for it. Not that it’s such a demeaning move, but I want continuous growth to succeed and  having more responsibility increases the risks of failing those goals I have set myself in.

The past years of reading John C. Maxwell, Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, Zig Ziglar, and many more books, I felt that I have gained such great knowledge from them. I want to keep continuing my success to grow. Books are a nourishment for the mind, and I plan to use it so I can grow forward.

However, sometimes it comes across that it seems so complex that after all this much of listening to these speakers and trying to come up with ideas and methods of improving myself, that I can just drop it, let go, give up and just carry on with whatever life throws at me. But reality is I just can’t, it’s not in my mind to even have it mentioned. Something I talked about in earlier post about discipline. When it’s looked at, failure is a simple task. Throwing our goals away or giving up after going through a long process being many steps far from where it was started is so easy. Compared to setting our mind straight and having this constant go looking forward to each step we make, planning our strategies and making it happen. It’s something that pops in mind at times, and perhaps it’s a bad thing but I tend to get over it and continue my path.

Has anyone ever felt like this after looking at yourself and wondered how it’d be like to “blend in” with the crowd sort to say? How is it handled when it occurs and what are your responses to those who ask you why?

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